How to choose the right size while shopping online.

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Shopping online has become a trend and a way of getting amazing offers.

Online shops and retailers in a bid to promote their site do offer Jaw dropping offers which can’t be easily resisted. So, shopping online becomes unavoidable and a cheaper way to get your products at cheaper rates and save money. In order to get more value from shopping online, you need to avoid some mistakes most online shoppers make like choosing the wrong Size, colour, quantity, etc because you will not be able to test the products you are buying. One other benefit of shopping online is that it introduces you to new brands and styles.

Tips for choosing the right sizes.

Choosing the right clothe size when shopping online is something that only few have mastery off, we are not promising you 100% accuracy but a very minimum mistake if you keep to the following principles.

  1. Measure yourself: Though we work very hard to make sure you don’t choose the wrong clothe size while buying from us, you need to have precise knowledge of your size. You need to own a personal tape if possible or by any means have access to one. You need to measure your different body dimensions so that you will be able to compare it with our size table. We always upload a table were necessary for products that greatly differ with the normal sizing charts. By measuring your body, you can actually compare it with our tables.
  2. Read up sizing information or tables: Considering the fact that sizing details always differ between companies and brands, online retailers always upload sizing tables or details. Some will tell you that their size is plus or minus. Some will equally tell you the possible difference or error in their measurement in cm; always add this cm to your measurement. It is all this information that will help you make the right choices. Use these tables to measure yourself.
  3. Order more than one: Ordering more than one of a product if possible keeps you on a save size, you will have to choose two slight difference in sizes. One of them must be better than the other in fitting. You can preferably keep the two or gift on out. You can equally possible return one if the company has a fair return policy.
  4. Read up return policy: Buying from a company that doesn’t have a good return is high risk shopping. One reason why there must be a good return policy when shopping online is because you didn’t have a chance to physically test the product you are buying, you only saw pictures which can be edited with any photo editing software. So, always look out for return policy before you buy from an online shop. In Nozish fashion, we always refund or negotiate another shipment in case you don’t receive your product or you were not satisfied with the product description.
  5. Read up reviews: Reviews are very important to customers, you might not expect me to say this but I will tell you the truth, there a lot of things to learn from customers review, personally I don’t buy any product that don’t have a review. Review tells you how compatible the product was with the customer’s real size, how fast the goods arrived. In case you see any review about product size, take it serious, if product size is smaller than real size, always add +1 to the size.

So, always be sure of your size and what you want to get before placing orders for any product online. You can equally contact us to help you make the best choice while buying from us.


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